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About us

Positioned with long term vision, passion and perseverance.  Founder Vijay Chandran, MD,RN,MBA.; has  over 20 years in healthcare industry experience, community commitment and leveraging technology to better life.

Vision: Be a national leader in MD Medical and Mental health care delivery model; Be a leader in leveraging cutting edge healthcare technology for early detection, prevention and manage Mental and medical health care; use highest standards of care, holistic approach, evidenced based practices and most uptodate psychopharmacological interventions.

Mission: Provide accessible medical and mental health care in partnership with community, provide sustainable and responsive services that promotes population health and equity.We provide a full continuum of the highest quality patient centered outpatient mental healthcare.Scintadel Liberty,Inc. strives to develop innovative approaches to the provision and management of a full array of therapeutic services.

Goals:Promote quality,equity, and value one client at a time. To become a leading Mental health care and Substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles, Orange counties.

Model of care:

We have Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Psychiatrists conduct psychiatric evaluations, prescribe psychotropic medication when needed, and provide ongoing psychiatric treatment.

Psychotropic medication, in combination with individual, couples, family and/or group psychotherapy, leads to the most favorable outcomes for many psychiatric disorders.It has earned a reputation for providing a full range of effective treatment services for virtually all mental health problems.

Scintadel Liberty,Inc provides an unequaled level of high-quality, solution-focused individual, couples, family and group therapy. Life Excel’s highly experienced clinical staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed clinical social workers and licensed mental health counselors. All our clinical staff are licensed.We serve all age groups.

Our psychologists & social workers are dedicated to providing the highest therapy. Our goal is outstanding care.

Why Scintadel Healthcare, Inc. Psychiatry?

We strive to offer leading-edge psychiatric care within a wholistic, integrative, compassionate and collaborative setting, centered on an individual’s personal needs in a professional,non judgmental and pleasant work environment. Make an appointment with us today because:

We strive to provide excellent, evidence-based and personalized care.

We work with several major insurance plans.

We offer self-pay options and out-of-network care for plans with out-of-network benefits.

We provide a careful and compassionate evaluation and treatment if within our scope of services. If needed we will provide appropriate referrals.

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